Want to learn more about this simple little house of ours?

You may begin by reading the backstory:

A Cabin Story | Part 1

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A Cabin Story | Part 6


See the inside:

Becoming Home: A Photo Tour | 1

Becoming Home: A Photo Tour | 2

Becoming Home: A Kitchen Tour

Becoming Home: A Dining Tour

Becoming Home: A Living Tour

 Becoming Home: A Bath Tour

Becoming Home: An Entry Tour

 Becoming Home: A Loft Tour


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 Four Men & A Girl

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When a Magazine Calls

In a Magazine

Our Home in Country Living Magazine

Snapshots of a Magazine Story


You may have arrived here in your search for simplicity. If so, you may enjoy the following series in which I look back on the past five years living in 665 square feet as a family of five:

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Good news! Because of reader interest, I've designed a collection of floor plans, each one different, yet, each one inspired by our little house, with key changes made to make the space and livability even better. I'm calling them the Shelter Collection. These are full-set plans for permanent, foundation-built homes. Four floor plans, ranging in size from 1100 - 1400 sq ft, are available as PDF downloads, with your choice of study plans so you can dream, or building plans so you can build. Read more about the Shelter Collection here. The plans are available here!